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Mashup - One Worth Watching

I'm not normally a big fan of mashups, but I loved this one the moment I heard it.  


Willie Nelson covers Coldplay for family farm video

I am a big fan of Lost at E Minor and this post about the conversion of family farms is one of the many reasons. Willie Nelson covers Coldplay's The Scientist for this brilliant but simple animated overview of how one farmer resisted.


I heard this song for the first time tonight on a rerun of Flashpoint, one of my all time favorite shows. Couldn't find a good quality live version, but this will do. Reading about JJ Grey explained why it's kind of my style of music. His website says the New York Times described his music as "Southern swamp rock with undercurrents of Memphis soul." I think I like it because of the soul part, not necessarily the swamp part - although I also love southern rock. Mostly I think it's because it has elements of the Detroit r&b I grew up with. Here's a second piece that flashes me right back there.


Innovative Rock and Roll

This is fun, modern rock & roll by a kid from Oklahoma who bucked rodeos and the country sound in favor of American roots music. J.D. McPherson is a find.